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Thomas G.

Top Reviewer
Food was said to be ready in an hour, took almost two hours, they ran out of Sugar Donuts so I had to settle for a couple of Brownies. However, whatever they are doing with the desert over there is awesome, restaurant brownies aren't usually ok the reason I don't order them, but wow Wingnuts are doing wonders with their sugar donuts and Brownies. Made me forget how long the food took, the brownies very well made it worth the wait.


1 review
My order was running late, so I called the restaurant. The woman who answered the phone (who I believe was the manager) called the driver, and upon finding out that my food was stuck in traffic fairly far away, ordered a new batch made and personally delivered it to me. This was one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had; I wasn't even remotely upset that my order came late.


Top Reviewer
Their food is always good, the only problem I have ever had was the fries were a little over cooked, but other than that I am always very pleased with my orders, the young man that delivers to me every time is so pleasant and always has a smile on his face, if I am just ordering for lunch or for a family gathering the food is delicious, I give them a 5 star rating.


1 review
Just perfect, every part of the meal and services was on point. They followed my instructions to the T, not asking for the moon but still. Taste was some of the best wings I have had anywhere, even flavors I don't typically like were finger liking.


Top Reviewer
I appreciate that Wingnuts included an extra fork even though that entire combo was totally for just me. Really thoughtful, but totally in denial about how much of their chicken one man can eat. Love this place!

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Top Reviewer
Awesome food and Amazed at the level of customer service from the delivery guy! I'll add to my favorites!!


Top Reviewer
Good food, delivery time estimate was spot on, not too expensive, definitely worth a try


3 reviews
Order was late, but the food and service more than made up for it!!!

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